Big Data Analytics

Faster, smarter

A Unified Advertising and Analytics Platform for Smarter Marketing and Better Results.

Connect Your Users to the Ads They Interact With

Reach your future users anywhere! Biglytic's dynamic integration with over 2,000 Ad Networks means you can get granular insights four levels deep with campaigns across Web, Smartphones and even TV. Our “Fraud Prevention Suite” guarantees genuine engagements; keeping your budget safe and data accurate.

Keep Your Data Clean by “Fraud Prevention”

The “Fraud Prevention Suite” protects every install from the most malicious types of fraudulent activity. We automatically filter Click Spamming, SDK Spoofing, Hyper Engagement, Suspicious IPs and Click Injection.
Stop paying for fake installs and find out what is really going on in your app.

Measure the Performance of Every Campaign

Gather your most valuable Mobile Marketing Data Points into one simple interface. Spot hourly trends, evaluate user LTV and analyze custom cohorts so you can assess the impact of each campaign on your bottom line.

High-Volume, Cross-Platform Push Notification Delivery

Enrich your campaigns’ data with a fully customized in-app event scheme, tailored to your conversion funnel. Tie unlimited raw campaigns’ and events’ data together with your app's metadata to understand user trends and get actionable insights.

Integrated Solutions for Every Marketing Purposes

Analytics: Bring your data to life with engaging and customizable reports and optimize benchmarks of your sites and apps.
Surveys: Get fast and reliable opinions from real people.
Tag Manager: Manage all your tags without editing codes.
Display & Video 360: Reach today’s always-connected audiences wherever they are.

Marketing solutions for every business.